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Black Quinoa Cake over Cattle Bean Sauce with Curried Squash, and Kale

I’ve become a bit of a foodie the past few years. Rather frustrating considering the amount of quality vegan fare available. I like playing with both home-style comfort food and gourmet dishes. I recently purchased The Artful Vegan. I had some black quinoa in my pantry and their dish: black quinoa cake over smoky calypso bean sauce, curried squash, and mango-habenero coconut sauce looked intriguing.

This is the first time I’ve attempted complex gourmet meals, so I seriously underestimated the time commitment. Lesson learned!

I cheated and skipped the mango-habenero sauce. I didn’t have calypso beans, but I did have cattle beans, which visually look similar. I’ve never had either before, so I have no idea if the taste was similar too. The quinoa cakes called for corn masa. I only had cornmeal, which I thought was the same. I don’t think it was though, because the cakes didn’t hold together for me. I had to add a few tablespoons of regular flour to get them to hold their shape. I also patted the mixture into a thick square and used my ring mold to cut out nice, neat little circles. (They looked so cute!) The dish was supposed to be served with collard greens, but I prefer kale. Lastly, the beans were cooked with onions and spices and the recipe called for just ladling it on the plate like that. I didn’t think that would look very nice so I pureed the bean sauce. It looked really pretty that way.

The squash was amazing. I’ve only ever roasted it and made it with a bit of vegan butter or maybe some brown sugar and crushed pecans. Cooking it with cumin, nutmeg and ginger was a wonderful change. I love quinoa, but the cakes came out a bit dry for me. Not sure if I did something wrong. I did like the bean sauce, but I think it would have been better if I could have used smoked onions like the recipe called for. I didn’t have any way to smoke the onions, so I just sauteed them. I think the smoke would have given it a great depth of flavor.

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